Sunday, November 6, 2011


Waking up with Tori in my arms was the 2.5th best thing that could have happened.

Number one she could be already awake and touching me, or herself, or both.

Number two she could be naked.

Number three she is still asleep against my chest, wearing my clothes because hers are... dirty.  All of which is true.  

And since I was rock hard and pressed hard against her ass, I figured it fell somewhere in between.

I knew there was nothing to be embarrassed about, but I couldn’t help myself.  The poor girl would never think I was cool if I humped her like a puppy all the time.  But her backside was so firm yet forgiving, shaped like it was made to fit into my lap that I couldn’t stop my hips moving, just enough to stroke me out.  I exhaled quietly as my heart raced and I got a little dizzy.

“Morning,” she said quietly, making me jump.

“Sorry, Tori, I….”

“Don’t stop.”  She wiggled her ass against my thighs.  “In fact….”

Tori rolled and my hard-on sprang free, tenting my pants.  She turned to face me – her hair a mess, makeup a little smeared, probably morning breath but I didn’t give a shit.  I kissed her with my eyes open, looking right into hers.  Smiling against my mouth, she brought me down on top of her.

“Mmmmgod,” I said as my erection pressed into her thigh.  “You’re strong.”

“You’re a good student.”  She moved her leg and I moved back, matching the rhythm while Tori just watched me jerk myself off against her thigh.  It seemed really selfish, so I kissed her while I did it.  Under three minutes later, with a handful of her boob and another of her hair, Tori made me come for the second time in twelve hours.

I dropped my head next to hers.  “I can’t go to practice.”

Her laugh vibrated through both of us.  “Then everyone will know.”

“They’re gonna know when I can’t skate because I have a boner, Tori.”

“Nah, I bet you’re always like that.”

I wanted to bring her into the shower with me, but Tori showed herself into the kitchen and started making eggs.  Again, if she were naked it would have been number one.  But Tori making me breakfast, barefoot and braless, was a pretty close second best thing in the world at that moment.

A huge plate of scrambled eggs was waiting when I arrived dressed and dry.  Tori has found her sweater from last night, and her jeans were folded on a barstool to go home with her.

No, don’t go home.

“Do you have to work?”

“It’s Saturday,” she said with her mouth full.  “I have a paper to write.”

“About what?”

She explained her comparative politics class and I thought this is how college boyfriends and girlfriends act.  Sharing a meal, talking about their day, getting each other off first thing in the morning.  Fewer million dollar condos, of course.  And probably more actual girlfriends.

Tori left her plate in the sink, grabbed her bag and followed me to the car.  I had memorized the way to her house, of course.

“Wanna do something tonight?” I asked as I rounded the corner near her building.  It was supposed to sound cool and suave, but it came out sounding like something a little brother would ask their cool older sibling.  The car rolled to a stop right out front.

“What did you have in mind?”  She unbuckled her seat belt and turned toward me, resting a knee on the center console.  Damn I wished it was an old pickup truck with a bench seat.

“Uh, you could stay over.  Again.  If you want.”  In a flash I was hot pink to the tips of my ears.  Tori waited patiently until I thought I would die, then she giggled.

“Sorry, Jeff!   Oh God, you’re perfect.”  Her hand brushed my cheek, I ducked away.  “I would love to stay over tonight.”

That fixed me right up – perfect posture, looking right at her.

“But since I have homework, then I’ll give you some too.”  Tori wrapped her fingers into the collar of my shirt and pulled me closer.  “I want you to think about what you’d like to try next.  Exactly what you’d like to try.”

She pronounced ‘exactly’ like it was a piece of fruit popping in her mouth, all juicy and delicious. I hoped she was thinking about a cherry.

“Because there are a lot of things we can still do before…,” she let it hang, rubbing her knuckles along the side of my neck.

“I could use my hands.”

She put her lips to my ear, “Or my mouth.”

Dark spots were popping in my vision and my slightly sore man parts ached as they stirred inside my pants again.  I tried to focus on her face as she kept talking in that sultry voice.

“You could touch me, if you want.  Or taste me.”

I briefly calculated the likelihood that I could rip the console from between us and throw it through the windshield.  Tori touched a finger to my lips then she kissed me.  It was a soft, playful kiss – she knew it was torture for me to even hear her suggestions.  And I loved every goddamned second of it.

“We could get a little more… up close and personal,” she said, dark eyes locked on mine.  Then she winked and her hand came down to pat my arm.  “Think about it.”

And she was gone.

I dropped my forehead to the steering wheel so hard it honked the horn.

Hmmmm, fishnets, thigh-highs, thong...

“Jail,” Shana declared.  “Statutory rape is probably minimum security, but when word gets out it’s Jeff Skinner they’re going to put you in solitary to keep other chicks from shanking you in the lunch line.”

I ducked behind a rack of bras in the lingerie department at Macy’s like someone might overhear his name from my phone.  “We haven’t done anything.  Yet.”

“When it’s Jeff you can get arrested for planning to, like Minority Report,” she laughed.

“They’ve have to arrest half of Raleigh and most of Canada then.”

I explained the situation to her as rationally as possible, thinking it sounded pretty reasonable.  We were both single, we were friends and now there were benefits.  This kind of thing happened all the time, right?

“You’re like a Desperate Housewife.  Jeff probably delivers newspapers to old ladies in the winter on his bike to get more merit badges, and you’re the cougar on his route who lures him inside with cookies and Playboy magazines.”

“He’s nineteen!” I almost shouted.

Shana just sighed.  “Young, dumb and full of come.  Well done, Tor.”

“Jeff is not dumb.”

“I know, I’m kidding!  Jeez, awfully defensive about your new boyfriend.”

I growled and told her that we were not dating, it was very clear between us.

“So you guys are still going to hang out a do stuff?  Like play with action figures and wrap Fruit Roll-Ups around your fingers before eating them?”

I had to laugh at her endless list of things that kids would do.  “Yes, we’re friends!”

“And then you go home and have sex ed class.  Tori, that’s what dating is!  You guys are dating!”

“But we’re not getting emotionally involved.  I don’t want to hurt him, Shana.  He’s so nice and I am not ready to date someone, mostly because I hate guys and I want to murder them with power tools.  So Jeff cannot be in that category, because I have no desire to kill him.”

Her shrug was audible.  “Whatever you say.  Now what are you buying?”

I went through every store in the mall before returning to Victoria’s Secret.  The grown-up, racy side seemed a little intimidating, even to me.  And I didn’t think Jeff would apprecaite the difference between eight and thirty dollar underwear, not yet.  Since he was college-age, I figured something college-y would suit him just fine.  The wallpaper in the Pink section was enough to give me vertigo, but I tried to stay on my feet.

“May I help you!?” a girl about my age asked in an ultra-chipper voice.  “Looking for something special!?”

“Uhhh, I think I’m good....”

“Oh,  I like your shirt.  I love the Canes.”

I looked down and remembered that I’d put on a Hurricanes t-shirt when I changed.  It made me laugh, and I could tell Jeff later that I’d let him feel me up all day long.  Now this girl was making me blush.

“Eric Staal’s my favorite - he’s. just. so. hot. - but I really love Jeff Skinner.  I mean, who wouldn’t!?”

I tried to backup but she followed, straightening the waistbands on panties as she went around the display.

“He’s so cute, right?  Like a kid in a candy store.  I think,” she looked around slyly then smiled at me, “this would be his Heaven.”

She was right.  Goddamned underwear cheerleader read Jeff the same way I had - and I hated it.  I knew him.  I was about to know him a lot better.  And for the first time I felt like I didn’t want to share him with anyone.

ROAR, said jealousy.

Somewhere across town, Shana laughed.  I took a deep breath and returned her grin.

“You’re right.  I think he’s probably a cotton underwear kind of guy.”

“Come here,” she waved me toward a set of drawers and pulled the bottom one open.  Inside were three boxes; she took the middle and lead me back toward the dressing room.  “These aren’t out yet, they premiere on Thursday.  But they’re tagged if you want to get some.  I think they’re really cute.”

Now we were friends, partners in crime.  It was kind of sweet and I felt bad for wanting to pull her hair out because she thought Jeff was cute.  She was right.  Now I wanted to tell her she was picking out underwear for his first time.

... and now I’m a slut.

Inside the box were a rainbow of colored cotton panties with stripes and patterns.  She tugged out the pink section, they had vertical black stripes with black lace trim - very Paris, very girl, very cute.  

“There are matching bras, the t-shirt kind.”

“I’ll take them.”

The locker room full of people had never felt so claustrophobic.  I tried to act normal but felt like every guy would be able to tell what had happened last night, and what might happen tonight.  They’d know how close I was to becoming a man.

But no one said a word.  They went on cursing and chirping and throwing stinky gear around the stinky room like always.  Every time someone made a remark about a girl, my stomach clenched.  As usual, only Eric ever paid attention to anyone.

“Okay, Skinny?”

I nodded silently like a bobblehead.  Way to be cool. Sensing blood in the water, he leaned a shoulder against his locker and looked down at me.  Damn him for being so tall.

“How was your date?”

“Not a date,” I said quickly.

“But you went mini-golfing.”

I nodded.

“And you were terrible, like I told you to be?”

I sighed, nodding again.

“Did it work?”

I really wanted to tell someone.  Anyone.  As embarrassing as it was to still be a virgin in this locker room, I figured most of the guys had guessed because I never picked up girls on road trips or had anyone come to a game.  And Eric was like an older brother to me.  Despite his big mouth, I trusted him to keep a secret when it counted.

“Kind of.”

His face lit up with pride.

“Atta boy, Jeff!”  One huge hand clapped my shoulder.  “Works every time!  Did you get that blow job?”

“ERIC!” I shouted but he was already moving away, laughing and curling up like I might be able to hurt him.  No one so much as glanced in our direction.  Eric came back and gave me a one-armed man-hug.

“So no oral action.  Yet.  But you got a little something?”

The color of my face matched the red of my hockey shorts.  I just nodded mutely.

“Hmmm, she’s hot dude.  I hope you know what you’re doing if you want to keep her around.  You might wanna, uh... practice or read up or something.”

Now even he was blushing a little.  It would have cracked me up if I didn’t feel ready to barf.  Even Eric assumed I’d be hopeless at try to make Tori happy in the bedroom.  He must have seen my face fall.

“No no, don’t worry.  Just follow her lead and tell her to tell you what to do.  Chicks love that.”

I thanked him and tried not to die while lacing up my skates.  If a girl had ever told Eric what to do it was more like ‘take off your pants’ or ‘turn on the lights’ than an actual, specific instruction.  I was probably going to need more help than that.  

“Hey, Eric?  It’s uh... don’t tell anyone, okay?  We’re not really dating.  Because of her job and stuff and I don’t want to get her in trouble.”

He gave me the Captain’s Nod, all wise and trustworthy.  Then he whispered, “Don’t worry, I won’t mess up your chance to get laid.”

I felt stupid that my hands were shaking as I parked in front of Jeff’s house.  The cute new lingerie was on under my jeans and shirt, my hair was nicely done and I wore a little bit of makeup.  For all the effort I’d put into looking like I’d made no effort, this felt more like a date than any date I’d been on since prom.

“Hi!”  His smile made my heart skip a beat.  Those dimples were going to kill me.

I have to be very careful.

But once I was inside the door I couldn’t help it - I kissed him.  And not just a peck, but a solid kiss that lasted long enough for his hands to slip into my back pockets.  Jeff wasn’t much taller than I was, but his chest and arms were so much wider, stronger.  Heavier.  I felt pulled toward him like a magnet.

“Hey,” he said more quietly as we broke apart.

“Hi Jeff.”

He’d ordered in food and set it up in the kitchen with real plates and silverware.  He had also managed to go beyond milk and apple juice - there was lemonade, ice tea, beer and even a bottle of red wine.

“I’ll have a beer,” I said, figuring he had no idea how to open the wine.  And I didn’t need to watch him pop a cork right now, as on edge as I was.  His dark gray t-shirt looked like it was no match for a full flex of his broad back.

Soon though we were laughing and talking.  The sight of Jeff with a Molson in his hand made me feel better - he was old enough to drink in Canada, his home country.  That made him an adult.  He was old enough to vote and go to war and buy a lottery ticket.  He could get a tattoo and buy a house.

He’s not a kid.

Still there was the awkward knowledge that we had pre-arranged to get physical later.  It wasn’t the will-we-or-won’t-we anticipation of a date, it was like staring at an early birthday cake and waiting for midnight to come.  My mind wandered.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked.

“Uh...,” no need to answer, I was blushing so hard.

Jeff put his beer bottle down, leaned over and kissed me.  Just like that - do as you please.  One of the first thoughts I had after Jeff and I made our arrangement came back to my mind” he would be mine sometimes, and I would be his.  Like now.  I slipped a hand along his smooth cheek and kissed him back.  He grabbed his beer, led me toward the couch and lined me up in front of him before pulling me down into his lap.  My feet went over his thighs, my back to the high armrest.  Jeff fit right in, holding me tightly, and kissed me again.

“You’ve done this before,” I said as he nuzzled my neck.

“Made out with a girl on the couch?  Yes.”  He flashed those dimples.  “But I don’t think... kiss ... I’ve quite... kiss... mastered it yet... kiss... needs practice.”

So we practiced for a long time.  He touched my neck and arms and wrists like I was made of porcelain and he might break me.  Then he explored the outside of my thigh, slipping a hand under my ass and lifting me closer.  Finally his fingers cheated to the hem of my shirt, then over top till he was rubbing my breasts.  I helped myself to his arms and shoulders.  Beneath my legs I could feel him growing excited.

“I thought,” he said between kisses, “about what I want.”

A bolt of desire shot right through my core, burying itself between my hips.

“What you want first,” I corrected him.

Jeff looked into my eyes.  I couldn’t help thinking that he wouldn’t always be like this - this honest, this open.  I was getting the best of him.

“I want to be with you, Tori.  Just be with you.”

He was asking.  Even after all this he was unsure.  I nearly fainted.

“Let’s go upstairs.”

Once I started kissing her it took my entire force of will to stop.  Just inside the door, not even out of her coat, Tori’s mouth beneath mine was like a drug.  I barely tasted my dinner.  The first chance I had, I was kissing her again.  And like the teenager that I was, we groped on the couch for a good long while.

Baby steps.

But I wanted her, I wanted it and I wanted it now.  All the other stuff - the glorious, mysterious other stuff - could wait.  I couldn’t.  So I told her and she said yes and now we were in my room, in the dark.

Tori walked to the bedside table and turned on the little lamp.  I must have looked surprised, I thought girls didn’t like the lights on.

“Come here.”

This kiss was different, even a beginner like me could tell.  Her body moulded to mine, zeroing in on my lap.  Tori laced her arms around my waist and pressed firmly into my obvious arousal.  It made me exhale sharply.  Then her fingers at my back were pulling off my shirt.  

“You are gorgeous,” she said, stepping back and running her hands over my chest.  Tori looked at me like I was a man, and so I felt like one.

“You too,” I said lamely, but she smiled.  I peeled her shirt off, her hair tossed down around her perfect breasts in a very nice bra.  I wondered if it matched her underwear.  If she’d bought it for me.

When her fingers touched my belly button I jumped.  Tori was undeterred - she traced the line above my waistband, then without hesitation she stroked her hand over my hard-on.

I gasped.

She smiled.  “Hmmmm,” was all she said as she opened the button on my jeans.

I love you, I wanted to say.  Like a friend, of course.  The kind of incredible, generous, hot friend who is about to put her hands down my pants.  That kind of love.

The zipper opening sounded like the crack of lightning.  Tori moved her hands inside the waist, around and over my ass, dropping my jeans to the floor.  Her fingers burned through the cotton of my boxer briefs as they slowly moved back toward the front.

She kissed me suddenly, and slipped her hand inside my shorts.

“Oh God,” I said out loud.  Tori wrapped her fingers and flicked her wrist and I fought so hard to keep from losing consciousness.  A hand is a hand, how could hers be so different from mine?

I reached for her and ripped open her jeans.  She giggled but never let go of me.  Her panties did match her bra, but I was more interested in getting her feet free of her pants.  When she was mobile, I picked her up and tossed her on the bed.  She was still bouncing when I was on top of her.

“So strong,” she purred.

This kiss was entirely new.  Ninety five percent of my body was touching ninety perfect of hers - ninety-five after I fumbled her bra open, cursing.  Her nipples were hard pebbles beneath my tongue.  Her thighs were soft against mine, smooth and strong as I ground against them as much as I dared.  A few more grunts and I would make last night and this morning’s dry-humping into a three-peat.

“Baby, I want to....”

I’ll never forgive Tori for batting her eyelashes at me and saying, “Want to what?”

I growled.  She laughed and bucked her hips against me.

“Tell me,” she whispered.

The words were cracked and hoarse, but they were, “I want to be inside you, Tori.

My hands trembled as the this fabric of her panties stretched over my thick fingers, like it might break.  Tori lifted her hips, making her stomach and thighs even more taut and bouncing her breasts as I slowly drew away the last stitch of clothing between us.  Everything about her was perfect - the only place I’d ever seen all this before was porn, and she was better.  I wanted to touch and taste and everything, but there would be time.

She opened the nightstand drawer without looking and reached inside.  Her hand came back with a string of six condom packets, attached to each other.  Tori smirked.


I stuck my tongue out at her.  Very mature.

But the second that foil tore, sounding like gunfire, the joking stopped.  Tori put the opened packet on her chest and pushed me up so I was kneeling over her.  She carefully pulled the waistband of my shorts out and down, exposing just how much I wanted her.  

I could barely watch her place that little disc to me.  I bit my lip hard as she started to unroll - the firm grip of her hand nearly ending this overtime with an actual sudden death.  But three deep breaths later, she was finished.

Tori pulled me down and kissed me deeply.  My body sought hers out like it knew what it was doing.

Autopilot.  Thank God.

The first push, just against her, was intense.  The second, just inside her, incredible.  And then Tori moved with me, making the third stroke the one that counted.  The one that ended  and started and changed everything.  So much waiting and wishing, so much building up to this moment.
“Ohhhhhgod,” I moaned softly, understanding in an instant why this act, this feeling is what rules the world.  My head swam.  She was impossible - soft, tight, hot, wet - and perfect.  I held perfectly still.

“Jeff,” she whispered, and moved again.  “Oh God.”

Beneath me, Tori shifted and worked herself down onto me while I clung to the edge of blackness.  After a moment, the dizziness passed.

“Tori, baby.”  I moved a little.  Then a little more.  She pressed her fingers into my ass and pulled me deeper.

“You feel so good,” she said.

That was my cue.  It was showtime and I was the star who didn’t know any of his lines.  Time to improvise.  I held my breath and stroked into Tori the way that felt right.  And every stroke proved me correct.  A little harder got me a little deeper got me a little more bounce from her, a soft puff of breath, a tiny noise.  Her hands on my chest, my arms, my ass went almost unnoticed.  An hour ago I thought her touching me was enough to make me come.

But this was it, and it wasn’t going to last.  Already I was seeing stars.  I kissed her, changing the angle so I was sliding along on top of her with our chests touching.  Tori ran her fingers through my hair like she couldn’t get close enough to me.

“Babe, I’m gonna....”

“I know,” she kissed me.

“But I want you to....”

Her eyes opened and found mine staring back.  “That’s an advanced class.”

I thought to argue.  This was as much for her as me and I couldn’t leave her unsatisfied on our first try.  It wasn’t fair.  I always brought my teachers apples on the first day of school.
She must have known I was thinking of a way to give her what I wanted.  And she proved who was really in charge.

Tori bucked her hips hard from beneath me and twisted herself along my length in a quick, hard pull.  It was the single strongest motion we’d shared and it worked immediately - I gasped, hunched over her and came.

It was magnificent.  Spectacular.  If I thought I understood the big deal when I first felt Tori around me it was nothing compared to losing myself in her.  After a lifetime of hands and socks and blankets, her soft, wet body was heaven.  The waves rocked my body, pumping themselves deep inside her with a confidence I hadn’t yet found.

I collapsed on top of her.  Her arms wrapped tight around my shoulders - a good, old-fashioned hug - and she kissed my ear.

“Thank you,” I panted.

“The pleasure was all mine.”


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