Friday, November 4, 2011


This story is killing me. I keep writing, then giggling and having to erase half of it because it's too... I just can't. This is enough.

Jeff’s hands bunched into the hem of my long-sleeved shirt and lifted it over my head, swinging it free from my hair.  His fingers traced the lines of the tank top I wore beneath: thin straps, straight across my upper back, then down the length of my arms.  All the while, his lips never left my skin.  I leaned back into his hard, warm chest and wondered how we’d ever get through the night with anything left to do tomorrow.

Either he moved me or I moved him until I was laying back.  Jeff’s lips were on mine in a heartbeat, and that heartbeat was the only sound in the room; mine, ticking like a hyperactive clock.  His hand came up and covered it, wrist resting between my breasts, fingertips on my bare skin above my tank top.

I felt him smile against my lips.  

“Can I?”

I nodded silently and felt his hand dip to my waist, under my shirt and meet the bare skin of my stomach, like an iron striking.  I flinched.  Jeff just pressed his palm over my navel, to the arch of my rib.  His fingers passed over the cup of my bra and gently stroked the rise spilling from its top.

I gave in and wiggled out of my top without letting his weight lift.  It gave him confidence - Jeff’s lips wandered across the newly exposed skin, gently testing the round of my breast.  My fingers were in his short brown hair and I was very quickly losing touch with everything but him.  He took his time, drawing down the thin cups and baring each side in turn, brushing the slightly coarse pads of his thumbs over one taut, aching nipple and then the other.  The gently rough surface of his tongue on my skin made me want to scream.  Jeff had been at least this far before, but he was really, really enjoying being back in town.

He flinched as I ran my hands over his burgeoning shoulders and back, surprised at the feeling of someone else feeling them for maybe the first time.  There were hard edges and smooth planes honed perfectly from use, not vanity.  I pressed my thumbs into the pressure points at the back of his neck and he moaned against my skin.  The sound make every hair on my body stand up, every muscle tense.  I was one tail away from being a cat on a hot tin roof.  

Jeff lifted his face, holding place with his hands splayed on my stomach.  That perfect little boy face didn’t look so young when I was laying on my back.  

“Want me to stop?”

I leaned my head back into the mattress and squeezed my eyes closed.  No I didn’t want him to stop, ever.  Not to eat or play hockey or unwrap any of the lingerie I was going to order first thing tomorrow.  Well, maybe second thing.

What’s the point of waiting?

He put his mouth to my side, just below my ribcage where there was no protection against the warm pressure of his open mouth kiss.  The curve of my waist was intensely sensitive and I squirmed involuntarily as he dragged his tongue over it.  Jeff kept moving, tracing a knuckle along the waistband of my jeans.  His upper body had me pinned: his chest lay on the bedspread between my thighs, his arms over my legs and elbows bent, trapping me in.  

“Tori,” he said without looking.  One finger pressed the button on my jeans like he was calling an elevator.  “Stop?”  He pressed again.  “Or go?”

I mewed weakly.  “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

That got the mega-watt smile.  He laughed and dropped his forehead to my stomach.  “Very.  And I am about to need ten minutes alone if we’re stopping.”

“Oh my God,” I teased him.  He just shrugged heavily, forcing my hips deeper into the mattress.  I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming.  Or coming.

“If we stop, I’ll just be thinking about you.  If you stay you’ll probably hear me.”

I was laughing for real now, embarrassed and helpless, but so grateful he felt comfortable enough to make a joke.  Or uncomfortable enough.  Either way, it broke a little of the tension.  Jeff tugged on one of my belt loops.

“Or you could... help.”

Frozen.  Breathless.  Just like that, he made the floor drop from beneath my feet.  The only sound was the heart monitor’s single, soulless beep signifying I had died.


I’d been so caught up in going all the way, in doing something irrevocable and passing the point of no return that I hadn’t considered the alternatives.  And boy, were there a lot of them.  I peeled my head from the blanket and looked down at him.  His long eyelashes shielded those brown eyes as he busied himself with the tiny key pocket, the fifth pocket, at my left side.

I wonder if he... oh, who cares?!

Maybe he had tried some of these things.  What high school boy hadn’t, right?  Hockey star, stratospheric draft pick with a supernova future - surely some girl had at least taken a faceoff, even if she’d never scored.

I couldn’t look at Tori’s face.  I didn’t even know what I was asking for, I only knew it wouldn’t take much.  Probably less effort than she used to open a jar of peanut butter - the gripping, the twisting, the sticking....

FUCK.  Calm down.

I was about to render her help unnecessary.  But I really, really wanted it.

Tori was right, we should wait.  But while she wanted me to be sure, I just didn’t want to embarrass myself.  Couple or not, friends with benefits or whatever we called it, I didn’t want to be the worst she’d ever had.  I didn’t want her to pity me or think I was cute.  Baby ducks are cute.  I wanted to hold her close and watch her face while I pushed her over the edge.  I wanted my name to be the last gasp of air in her lungs before she came.  I wanted to be the best she’d ever had, so Tori and I would be even.

The way I saw it - I could build up until I was ready for the main event: drills, laps... practice.

Eric would say ‘learn the system’ or ‘skate your lane’ or something.  

Nah.  He’d say, ‘Why is she still wearing pants?’

I ground my lap into the bed and gritted my teeth, waiting for her to answer, trying not to whine like a horny puppy.  Tori’s fingers twisted into my hair, brushing it back from my face.

“Come here.”  Her voice was liquid.

I pounced and crushed her lips with mine.  Before I could even get my tongue in her mouth, Tori rolled us both.  Suddenly she was laying on top of me.  But she wasn’t just laying.  Tori pushed herself up, hands firmly on my new pecs, and gave me a smirk so naughty that my blood pressure spiked.  Then she slowly maneuvered herself down to a proper sitting...


The string of curse words in my mind would have made my teammates proud as Tori lowered her ass into my lap.  Stars popped behind my eyelids.  I was ready to go - embarrassingly ready; the shaking and groaning kind - and my important part snugged itself into the perfect crease in Tori’s body.  Like the last air bubble popping as a bottle fills with water, hormones flooded the remaining parts of my brain.

“Oh God,” I gasped like a grade-schooler.

“Hmmm,” was all she said as she flicked her hip just an inch to the right.  I groaned.  Perfect breasts bounced gently and she tossed her head back, hair falling over her shoulders.   I wanted to touch everything but my fingers were pressed white into her bare sides.  

“Tori,” I said.  “You’re so beautiful.”

A real and endearing smile came to her lips, then flicked her hips again.  Tori peeled one of my hands from her waist, kissed the palm and put it to her breast.  Her tiniest movements echoed through my body, getting louder as she slid forward and back along me.  If I had enough brain cells I’d have wondered if this felt good for her.  Judging by the way she bit her lip, she either liked it or was trying not to laugh.

I pushed up, lifting my hips and her in the process, just to see what would happen.  It made her tighter around me - heavier, deeper.  I moaned and dropped back into place. Tori bounced a few times, riding against my very hard part.

This was the part of a DVD the guys wore out from all the rewinding.

In truth I’d been this far with a girl before, one named Abigail over the summer.  But it hadn’t felt like this.  I’d been rushed and rushing, half-scared of getting caught though we were at Stamkos’ house.  Abigail lacked Tori’s kindness.  She wanted me, she definitely did, but I was like a trophy for her.  She wanted to show off to her friends who’d all tried to get with the other guys that same night.  Abigail had been sloppy and excited, talking a lot and making a fuss like my fumbling was the best night of her life.  I got off - that part I couldn’t help - but I never answered her phone calls.

Suddenly, Tori dropped down against my chest.  Her lips stopped just short of mine but the rest of her kept going, sliding down my front.  Then she moved her hips in a whole new way that pushed everything right up the front of her body.

“Oooh,” she breathed.  Immediately I blushed - I’d never made a girl make that noise before, not for real.  Tori did it two more times, her eyes half-closed.  It felt fantastic to me, but she might have been enjoying it even more.  

Use me, please.

“Mmmm,” she purred.  “We should finish.  Before we....”

“Yes, right.”  I was finishing with or without her permission, or my own.  Tori had driven me right to the edge - if she wanted to bail out, this car was still going over the cliff.

But she didn’t.  She kept going over that spot on her body, lining me up like target practice and hitting a bulls-eye every time.  I guess she’d been having plenty of fun as we dry-humped each other because Tori seemed as ready to go as I was.  Then she kissed me.

It was too much; her tongue in my mouth, her hands in my hair and the impossible way I fit into the groove of her body - I grabbed her ass, pulled her in hard and rocked against her like I was trying to throw her off the bed.  Then I came, hot and hard, not caring that it spilled only against my own skin.  She was so small, it was easy to hold her right where I needed her.

Jeff’s sudden aggressiveness surprised me - he forced me hard onto his lap and drove up until I heard him grunt, then gasp.  My orgasm broke as our kiss did.

“Ohgodjefffff.”  My body curled like a whip being swung.  Two, three hard and short little jerks and I ground out my own release right through all the clothes we’d managed to keep on.  Which I’d now have to wash.

I slumped down over him, both of us breathing hard.  We lay still for a little while, Jeff’s fingers softly explored the shape of my shoulder blades.  My head rested on his bare chest, one arm around my shoulders.  I traced the divot of his belly button a hundred times.  When finally he rolled toward me, he simply said, “Stay here.”

Two seconds later, he was back with a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.  He’d changed into his own running pants, but kept his shirt off.  I noticed, but Jeff flexed anyway.

“That’s the picture on my phone, you with your shirt off.”

He started around the bed to get his phone from the nightstand.  “I need one to match.”

I quickly dropped my jeans into a pile on the floor.  A second later I turned, now in just my panties, and Jeff was halfway there, staring.  I took the pajamas he’d offered and hurried off to the bathroom.

I didn’t know I was smiling till I saw my face in the mirror.  It seemed right.  My panties were soaked.  My heart was still racing.  I’d managed to both do and not do something really, really crazy.  And the second that Jeff had greedily held me in his lap and worked himself out, I’d realized something important.  And dangerous.

Jeff will be the first person to ever repeat as Rookie of the Year.


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    Keep going, please!!!!

  3. I am hoping the same thing...

    This is too good to be the end! We all want to vicariously be his first. So wrong, but so, so right.

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