Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Just when I thought I’d experienced the greatest thing ever in that first time with Tori, it got  so much better.

At the end of the game, I rushed into the shower and threw on my clothes.  All the focus I’d dedicated to playing evaporated completely and I was desperate to be with her as quickly as possible.  I’d planned to call her as I was leaving, but I needed both hands to drive that fast.  I parked as close as I could and jogged down the block in my suit.

“Let me in.”

There weren’t many stairs when you took them two at a time.  I heard her door open as I was turning the corner and forced myself to act natural.  Then she was there, with a spark in her eye and her hands on my arm, pulling me inside, kissing me hard.  I pressed her against the wall and tried to touch her everywhere at once, to prove all this was really happening.  Her clothes felt like the wrong side of velcro - rough and catching beneath my roaming hands.

Thank God no roommate, or they would have gotten quite a show.  I’d decided in the car that the one thing I wanted more than anything else was to look right at her while she gave up that last secret.  We’d only been together once but I knew that her release was the real prize.  I needed to prove to both of us that I could do it, take it from her or give it to her or whatever you want to call it, if I was ever going to be more than friends with Tori.  I had no idea what I was doing, but figuring it out sounded really fun.

I let go just long enough for her to slowly strip off a lacy dark blue nothing of lingerie.  I drank in the sight of her; something that, if I had my way, no one else would ever see again.  She climbed so easily into my lap, never questioning what I wanted or why.  It was a pretty tame request if I could really have chosen anything, but the way her lower back flared into that round ass, the perfect fit of her into my grip let me know it was exactly the right idea.

Then she was on me, and I was in her.  A huge hit to the boards could not have taken my breath away quicker.  I nearly came on contact.  The second her silken, wet slit parted for me I held my breath and fought the urge to give in.  It was impossible she had really felt so good, just one day ago.  Surely I had exaggerated it in my memory.  But her body spread and squeezed, slippery and hot, resisting like I should stop but begging like I shouldn’t, ever.  By the time I was in her to the hilt one of us was moaning in what sounded a lot like my voice.  

“Jeff,” she said out loud.

Tori was different this time.  She was riled up - hands all over, head rolling back in pleasure.  She moved without any of the pretense of our first time, nothing playful.  Now she was fiery and full of the same intense desire I felt for her.  I reveled in the way it all felt, caught between being overwhelmed and keep it under control.  Surely this got easier.  Someday it would feel less like I was going to die, though dying with this beautiful girl in my arms would be a proud way to go.  Tori was gasping.  


So I did: I held her down and forced myself up, hard and fast, knowing she had seconds to cave before I left her behind.  There was no stopping it now.  Tori curled herself against me and moaned softly... then she broke.

That’s the only way to describe it - she fell apart in my arms.  Her body went stiff, then soft.  A whole new heat spilled between us, her chest heaved and she said my name again like it was torn right out of her.  The second it reached my ears I let everything go, driving myself home inside her pleasure.  I groaned and burst, riding the fierce sensation right through her body.  Everything was suspended except release, making me instantly dizzy.  Tori anchored me with a kiss.

We sat there, panting and tangled, for a glorious few minutes.  Even going soft inside her felt incredible.  I gently freed us and wrapped her in my arms.  

“That was awesome,” I confessed.  She laughed at my dorkiness.  I laughed at her perfection.  

I woke up hard and hungry.  About an hour had passed - it was the middle of the night.  Tori was snuggled against me on the couch and a blanket had magically appeared over us  This was the third time I’d woken up with a naked girl - the act of sleeping with someone was astonishingly intimate.  I was getting very used to it.  Her face was nestled into my neck so she couldn’t see me blush.

I should have felt awkward.  It should have been uncomfortable to share something so delicate with a friend, to be so vulnerable in front of another person.  But the only worry I had was that Tori didn’t feel the same was I did.

“Do you ever get used to this?” I asked quietly, unsure if she was awake.

Slowly her fingers traced a line down the center of my chest.  “I haven’t done it all that often.”


Instantly I felt like a jerk.  I assumed that Tori had been with... well, a guy or guys, but I didn’t like to think about that.  Obviously she had.  But even a virgin like me isn’t so foolish to think that all sex involves the kind of time Tori and I had been spending, the extra stuff like sharing a bed and waking up together.  I knew that was a bonus for me; surely any guy lucky enough to get with Tori would want to be good to her.

“But I like it,” she said quietly.


We moved at the same time, meeting halfway with a slow, lazy press of lips.  There was nowhere to go and all night to get there.  Tori was languid in my arms and I relaxed into the simple act of kissing her.  It seemed like hours but was probably ten minutes before my stomach growled.

“Agreed,” she laughed.  I lay back and watch as she walked stark naked into the kitchen and came back with a handful of take away menus.  Only two places were open late, and we settled on Italian.  She made me stay put on the couch while she set the coffee table with plates and glasses, never getting dressed.  

Torture me all night.

Then the buzzer rang.  She pushed the button to let the delivery guy into the building and picked my dress shirt up off the floor.  I groaned as she slowly buttoned it up to between her breasts.  If I was dead, this was heaven.

Five minutes later we were sharing broccoli pasta and sipping from ice cold beer bottles, sitting side-by-side on the floor watching TV.  I had put my shorts on but nothing else, and my shirt was bunched scandalously far up her thighs.  Her knee rested on top of mine; I stopped eating sometimes just to stroke her bare back.

“Do you ever get used to this?”  I asked. It was completely intimate and sexy in a different way, the kind of thing that couples did.  The kind of thing Tori and I kept doing.  Lines that I couldn’t exactly locate were blurring into invisibility.

Tori smiled around a bite of garlic bread and passed me the rest.  “You might as well, if you’re going to keep kissing me.”

I ate the whole thing, hockey diet be damned.

I can’t stop.

I had been having fun making Jeff sweat: teasing him and flirting with him and turning him on.  I’d been having plenty of fun showing him a thing or two in bed.  But tonight was different - tonight I was just having fun.  I wasn’t giving anything away or bestowing any gifts, I was just here with him and it was... great.

Guy makes me come once and I lose my mind.  Isn’t that what happened last time?

He sat there, laughing at the TV with those damned dimples flashing.  His arms and back and chest and shoulders and even his neck were begging to be touched, kissed, to offer a handhold while I mounted him like some kind of gym equipment.  It was all so mismatched.  Just when I thought he was being sexy, he smiled all cute.  When he was being cute, his forearm flexed around a knife hard enough to knock me over.  I couldn’t stop looking at him but I couldn’t process anymore information.  My brain couldn’t make sense of it.  Then he casually wrapped an arm around me and rubbed those thick, strong fingers into the sides of my spine.

Gotta get back in the game.

“Hey,” I turned and pressed my chest against his arm, “I still get to pick something.”

Jeff’s eyes lit up.  My heart squeezed.  Did he have to look so excited and grateful for everything?  Did he have to think I was so fucking awesome?  And when did someone worshipping me become such a bad thing?  I needed to stay focused on the promise we’d made to each other: nothing serious.  All fun.  Learn something new every day.

I got to my feet and held out a hand.  

Jeff stopped inside the doorway of my bedroom like he’d been granted an audience with the queen.  Before he could get distracted by pictures and books and junk scattered around, I led him right to the bed.  That got his attention.  A heartbeat later he was kissing me, clutching at me.

I am going to hell for this.

I pushed him down and climbed on top.  He was already hardening, that impressive length pressing against my thigh with increasing urgency.  I threw my shame away and ground against him, making myself just as needy.  But it would have to wait.

“Tell me what you want,” he said softly.

I lifted away from his chest, my hair hanging down to frame my face.  “Not something I want.  Something I want to do.”

Then I slid down until I was between his knees.  It registered on his face like shock and awe, to surprised to even smile as I peeled off his shorts and stroked my hand flat along his length.  Then I looked right into gorgeous brown eyes and slid my mouth over his tip.

It was all reflex.  Jeff pushed his head back and his hips up, arching toward me.  His hands flew into my hair.  I bobbed a few times, took a deep breath and went all the way down.

“Wow,” he said.  I laughed and he groaned, trying to push me down again.  A single swirl of tongue was enough to quiet him, show him who was in charge.  Then I went deep a second time and it started all over again.

“Tori, Jesus!”

I pulled off him with a wet pop.  It was fun to be fun again and pretend that nothing beyond this mattered.  Because while we were at is, while Jeff and I were together physically, it was hard to remember there was anything else.  I gave him a wicked little smile, a flick of my wrist and went back to work.

Jeff couldn’t have been happier if I’d been made of ice cream.  And judging by his trembling, he wasn’t going to last long.  So I made sure he got some of everything - a little tongue, a little teeth, my hand moving strongly and a little tug below.  He writhed around and breathed hard.

“You know,” he said with difficulty, “I took that penalty on purpose.”

Of course he had.  He may as well have thrown the puck over the glass like a baseball.  I deep throated him again, whatever smart remark was lined up fell away when I didn’t stop.  


I was so turned on I could die.  Hearing him and feeling him, the amount of tension in his body all straining toward me... it was power.  I wanted him to do what he’d done before: make me come, surprise me and prove for the hundredth time he was better than me and what we were doing was as foolish as it was exciting.  Someone should have this guy.  It couldn’t be me.  But I’d take him anyway and be damned if I didn’t want it bad.

Jeff cursed softly and then he burst, spilling hot and fast.  He let go of my hair, so sure I’d want to move away, then sagged back onto the bed when I stayed right where I was.  He laughed weakly as I cleaned him off.

“Come here,” he pulled me up to his chest.  I flopped across him, he wrapped his big arms tight around me and squeezed.  “Holy shit.  You are the best thing that ever happened to me.”

I snickered and kissed his neck, right where his racing pulse beat behind the skin.  Maybe I shouldn’t have done it. Maybe I should have left something for whatever lucky girl followed me.  Then Jeff ran a thumb across my nipple and I shuddered.

“That cannot be fair to you,” he said, voice growing more serious.  He rolled to face me, still clutching me to his chest.  That perfect boyish face didn’t look so young in the dim bedroom lightning, hair stuck to his temples.  “Tell me what to do, Tori.  I want to.”

His hand was already moving down my body.  It slipped between my legs, pushing my thighs apart.  Then he pushed me onto my back and brought his hand back upward.

I sobbed out a short, hard breath as Jeff’s fingers brushed across my swollen, slick entrance.  He’d have this part mastered in minutes.  He traced the shape, then prodded gently inside me and earned another gasp.  It made him smile.

“You’re beautiful,” Jeff said, looking right down into my eyes.  The way he looked at me was so honest that I’d never felt more beautiful than that moment.  He slowly pushed a finger between my folds, then another.  This part wasn’t hard to figure out.  His thumb came down gently on my clit and I moaned softly.  

Jeff took the cues and worked out for himself how to bring me along.  The only instructions I gave were “oh God” and “yes” and two minutes later I was slipping off the edge.  His strong hand was making quick work of me, his thumb circling firmly and my hips rocking up to meet them.  A few times he wandered off target, only to come right back when he realized he was shooting wide.

“Like that?” he whispered.

My head-back, mouth-open inability to speak told him the answer.  Jeff brought his mouth down on my collarbone and slid his lips up to my neck.  He could feel how close I was, it was unstoppable now.

“Baby,” he said softly.

I cried out as my body locked.  The orgasm ripped through me, toes curling and back arching, riding against Jeff’s touch and letting him feel the clench and pull as he went harder, drawing me out and finishing me off, making sure he and I both got every last ounce of pleasure.

“Jeff, oh my God,” I panted as it passed.  He slumped against me, finally allowing himself to be exhausted from our sexual pyrotechnics.  It was a good thing we’d come to bed before round two or we’d be sleeping under the coffee table tonight.  He curled over me protectively, shielding me under his body, and lay all his weight on me.

“I can’t believe I did that,” he said.  

“I can.”  From the beginning, I’d been right.  Jeff might need to learn the moves, but he wasn’t going to need much practice.  “Rookie of the Year.”

He laughed weakly and snuggled in closer.  “Tomorrow, I’m making breakfast.”


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