Saturday, November 26, 2011


I couldn’t say if the Canes won or lost the game.  Jeff hit Seguin once, hard, and got a huge cheer for it.  Or maybe that was just me yelling.  Fifty nine and a half other minutes passed, I ran from the suite to my car.  By the time Jeff was in the locker room there was a text waiting for him.

Get over here.

I hustled in my front door, chucked my stuff onto the couch and... stopped.  What was I doing?  Why was I so flustered?  And surely the way my heart hammered couldn’t be good for my life expectancy.  A glance in the mirror confirmed it - I was blushing worse than Jeff.  A nervous giggle bubbled up and I couldn’t stop it.

I should have bought something new.  I should have thought of something.  He’d been here before, he’d been with me... why did this feel so different?  My phone buzzed.

On my way.

I brushed my teeth, my hair, changed into cuter, dry underwear then put all my clothes back on and had a spaz attack every time someone drove past out front.  Finally, one stopped.  Two minutes later Jeff’s feet were thumping up the stairs.

He barged through the open door and crashed into me at nearly full speed.  Dark suit, damp hair; like a superhero who’d barely had time to change.  His mouth was still smiling when it came down on mine, nervous and excited.  We stumbled toward the bedroom, hands full of each other.

“Hi,” he said brightly, bumping against the foot of my mattress.  We raced through our clothes - my shirt over my head, Jeff’s button’s flying, his zipper pulling, my feet caught in my pants.  It was a photo finish that left us admiring each other in our underwear for just a second before falling into bed.  And it was just another second before Jeff was slipping out of my arms, over the edge of the mattress, a pulling my ankles along with him.  

“Jeff you.... ooooohhhh,” I moaned, my hips twisted against the bed as Jeff dragged his tongue right up my sweet spot.  He flicked the tip between the folks, rolled it against my clit and then let his soft lips tug gently until I moaned again.

Where’d he learn how to...?

“That helps,” he laughed, kissing my thigh.


“When you tell me you like it.”  Those deep brown eyes peeked up at me - I knew he was blushing, trying to hide it.  How easily I forgot that Jeff was still Jeff no matter what happened between us.

“I like it,” I said officially.  “I really like it.”

He laughed and went back to work.  A heartbeat later I was moaning again.

“Oh my God.” I had two handfuls of his hair but he didn’t need any guidance.  There wasn’t much he could do down there that wouldn’t feel good, but he was definitely hitting the highlights.  As keyed up as I’d been all night, it was like stoking a fire.  From the way he moved eagerly, aiming for whatever made me squirm, Jeff was definitely enjoying himself.  He pushed two fingers in where his tongue had just been.  I whimpered as he moved them the way I’d taught him.  Another slow pull of his tongue and I was sure I’d die.

My breath heaved.  Jeff’s other hand held my thigh so tight I would probably bruise.  But we were lost in the chase and very near the capture.  I pushed down against him, rewarded with another strong push back.

“Jeff, I’m gonna....”

He double his efforts.  Maybe tripled.  Friction like fireworks burst hot across every inch of me.  Jeff drew my clit between his lips and sucked firmly.

I came, no breath left to moan so all he heard was “Fuuuuuuck” soft as a whisper.  But he got the message as my body rippled hard against his thick fingers, forced in as far as they could go.  He pulled them free with a wet pop and licked right through the pleasure I was spilling.  Jeff didn’t stop till the panting and twisting had run themselves out.  

I was sprawled out lifeless on the bed.  He kneeled alongside me, so hard it looked painful, and took a moment to brush the hair from my face before hauling me back up the bed.  Then he reached for a condom.

I don’t know which is better.

The way Tori lay tossed across the comforter, completely spent from me having ripped an orgasm from her perfect, tight little body.  They way only her eyes moved as they watched me unroll the thin film down the length of my shaft.  Or maybe knowing that we weren’t done, not by a longshot, and the next thing would feel so good I might die.

So many good things.

I pushed Tori’s thighs apart with my knees.  Her soft peach had tasted so sweet I almost felt bad for the way I planned to assault her.  But already my cock was straining toward the spot, pressing past the tiny opening and spreading her like butter.  She reached for me and I planted myself deep inside.

“Baby,” she whispered, kissing my mouth.

Maybe I don’t feel bad after all.

I wrapped my arms around Tori’s back, held her shoulders, and moved.  Her ass shifted into my lap so I was nearly holding her off the bed, hunched around her and riding against the tightness.  She locked her ankles behind me, tucked her face into my neck and I could feel her breath falter on every stroke.  I puller her down onto me with enough force to end it all, but I couldn’t stop pushing up to meet her.  Everything doubled and already my mind was going fuzzy around the edges.  

“Jeff,” she said.  Then she said it again.

I gotta slow down or I’m gonna...

But it was too late.  Tori’s body absorbed every thrust, begging for more.  I closed my eyes against the dizziness but darkness made it worse.  I tried to focus on hockey or bag skates or anything to buy myself time, but the slick stroke of our bodies together made it impossible to last more than three minutes inside her.

“Oh God,” I grunted as I came.  It turned into a long, low growl, Tori nailed to the bed, as I rolled my lower body as hard as I could, forcing everything deep.  My orgasm poured out like a bottle held upside down - glug, gasp, glug, gasp.  Relief and release swam in my head as Tori held on tight.  When I collapsed on top of her, she giggled.  I couldn’t move.  We were still fitted together and I was happy to wake up that way in the morning.  

As if I’d make it till the morning before I need her again.

“Sorry,” I whispered.  Tori and I were something official now, and it was not the time to be disappointing her by blowing my load in less than a TV timeout.  But I couldn’t have gone another shift for anything in the world.

Rookie mistake.

But she just laughed weakly beneath my chest.  “It’s true what they say.”

“What’s that?” I asked, instantly scared to dissappoint.

“Nice guys do finish last.”

“Jeff,” I tried to say but it came out like a giggle, “you have to stop.”

I pushed at his thick hair, losing again the fight against all the strength in his heavy, compact body.  His shoulders barely moved.


“Because I’m going to die.”

He looked up from between my legs.  The sleeve of his t-shirt was pushed up to his shoulder where my calf had been moving against his arm.  His hair was a dishelveled mess and the blanket we’d bee laying under was wrapped around us like a vine.  I was on my back, legs over his shoulders, for about the tenth time in five hours.

“But I like it.”

He said it in the same voice he used to like a hat or a movie.  What reason could there possibly be to not have something you wanted?

“Please, baby.  Come up here.”

He shrugged, got to his feet and threw himself into the space between my back and the couch.  There wasn’t room for us to lay together, so Jeff just held on and we snuggled closer.  I’d given up putting my pants back on hours ago - they just kept disappearing again.

Jeff wore a dark blue t-shirt and gray boxer briefs.  His thighs were thick and hard, impressive to see but even more impressive to feel pressed up behind mine as we spooned in close quarters.  Warmth seeped from his body into mine, uncoiling my muscles and making me sleepy.  He cupped one big hand around my breast.

“Tomorrow I’m buying you a bigger couch,” he announced.

“Why, so you can get away from me?”

Jeff kissed just behind my ear.  “So there’s room for me to be inside you like this.”  He thrust his hips for emphasis and nearly pushed me off the couch.  When I was safely back aboard, he’d shifted me higher and I felt his length against my ass.  He wasn’t hard - yet.

“You are a robot,” I laughed.

“You never should have taught me that thing you like with my fingers.”  They were already moving southward on my stomach.  I was sore and spent but the push of his hand made me bite my lip against the pain.  Jeff stopped just below my navel and slid his hand to rest over the point of my hip.  I sighed in relief.

Tori and I never made it to bed, we fell asleep on her couch.  And so we never heard her alarm in the morning.  She woke just in time to get me up for practice.

“Jeff, it’s late, we gotta go.”  

My face was somehow between her breasts and there was no fucking way I was going anywhere, ever again.

“Come on, I have class.”

One of my hands was under her shirt, and her nipple was hard in one pinch.

“Oh my God stop!” she tried to climb free but I wouldn’t let her free.  I rubbed the pad of my thumb over it again, rolling the shape beneath my finger.  It felt like my entire body: swollen, aching, trying to be closer to her.  I had that shirt off in a second and dragged my tongue over the same spot.

“Fuck,” she said under her breath.  But she was already taking my growing length in her hand.  With my fingers now free, I quickly felt how ready she was to go again.  Spreading her apart with my fingers was a sure way to make her moan.  Good thing we’d left the box of condoms on the coffee table.

“Weren’t there like fifty in here?” she asked, tipping the box over.

“Thanks, I’m flattered, but I think it was twelve.”

“You’ve been here one night.”

I shrugged.  “Okay, maybe eight.”

“Christ on a...,” she mumbled, showing me the last foil packet.  I’d be stopping by the wholesale store on my way back from practice for sure.  “Come on.”

I followed her naked backside to the bathroom and watched her lean over to switch it to shower.  The condom was on before the water and I didn’t care if we were clean or dirty.  Tori stepped beneath the spray.

Her skin was soft beneath my hands.  The water beaded across her shoulders, soaking her hair, tracking down her face until it slowed at her lips.  I kissed it free.  She turned away and angled her ass out toward me.  I didn’t need to be asked twice.

Slipping inside her Tori from behind was the dirtiest thing I’d ever done.  The curve of her waist and flare of her ass, all bare and begging for me, was almost pornographic.  Her fingers splayed on the tile wall.  I positioned myself behind her and angled myself to the spot.

“I should be at practice,” I said, the squeeze of her body still amazing after so many times.

“You don’t need any more practice,” she told me.  

I exhaled slowly as her ass came to rest against my lap.  It wasn’t fair that it was so easy - her hips were like handles, so I grabbed on and held her while I stroked.

Fucking unbelievable.

“Nuuuhhhh,” was the best way to describe the noise I made.  She was completely tight, hot and completely at my mercy.  Tori moved when I moved her, where I moved her.  Pretty soon I was rocking her hard against her hands over her head.

“Jeff, of God,” she said.  My hands moved themsevles to her breasts, then brought her up to standing and we turned to face the closest wall.  Tori used her palms to keep slipping as I fucked her standing up.  Her wet hair stuck to my face, her back slapped against my chest.  I pistoned my legs up and down, using Tori’s body weight as ballast.  Soon her feet were barely on the floor.

“Jeff,” she whimpered.

“Am I hurting you?”

Tori shook her head.  “Harder.”

Well fuck.

I was going to kill us, either with a slip and fall or by putting her through the wall.  She pushed back, riding my lap, letting me steer.  I took her little noises as encouragement and hammered deep into that soft little spot as hard as I could.  My hand dropped and when I brushed her clit, she moaned.

“That’s right,” I said.  “Fuck yeah.”

I used three fingers.  The shower was no place for detail work.  Instead I rubbed my entire hand against her clit until she was trembling.

“Come on, baby,” I whispered.  “Come for me.”

“Yes, right there,” she rasped.  Tori was still teaching, still telling me exactly what worked.  I went for the spot hard with no mercy.  She yelped, then settled for heaving as I circled and pulled from the front while pounding from the back.  My sources were correct.

“Ohgod!” she cried out as she came.  I held her feet of the ground, one arm around her stomach, and felt an orgasm rip from her like a hurricane touching down, sending this flying and spinning.  Tori jerked against me so hard I gasped.  

“Fuck,” I grunted.  It was unstoppable.  Three more punishing thrusts and I was roaring out my own pleasure.  I flattened Tori to the wall and let her orgasm jerk me off right into my own.  “Fuck, baby, yes,” I said.  She sobbed out tiny breaths as I pumped myself dry.

Pulse still racing, I pulled my beated cock free and turned Tori.  Her mouth was as soft as the rest of her body.  We stood beneath the water kissing for what seemed like forever.

I pushed the hair from her face and held her face, looking into her eyes.

“Remember when you were awkward?” she smiled.


“Oh I do,” she teased.  “You had no idea how gorgeous you are...,” her hands dragged up my bare thighs, “or how hard it was for me to be around you.”

“You?  Around me?  I always...,” I said all at once, then slammed my mouth closed hard.


Blush.  It was hotter than the water pouring from the faucet.  God was there no end to the times I would feel like I didn’t deserve this?

“I always wanted this... you.  I wanted you.  I never wanted to be just friends.”

“I know,” I admitted.  There was no reason to hide it now, and no way to lie to his face.  All the time I’d been worried about hurting Jeff because I knew I was, at least a little.  I knew he wanted this.  By way of apology, I kissed his softly.

“I’ll be a good boyfriend,” he said, all eager like a puppy.  Who happened to be naked with his hands on my ass.  “And if you ever want to tell people - not now, but if you ever want to - they won’t be surprised.  Not the guys.  They’ve been giving me shit for liking you since last season.”

“You want to tell them.”

It was all over his face.  He knew my reasons were smart but that didn’t leave much room for being happy.  Jeff was so happy to be with my he wanted to tell everyone.  His perfect face was useless at hiding things.  The dimples gave him away.



He shrugged.  “They all think I’m so lame!  It’s hard to be the Justin Bieber of hockey when even he’s getting laid and I’m not.  Can I just tell Eric?”

I trusted Staal to know if we needed to be secret, and to keep ours if necessary.  But Jeff was still grinning like an idiot.  “He already knows doesn’t he?!”

Jeff jumped out of the shower, me right behind him.  He grabbed a towel on his way out the door but I chased him stark naked into the bedroom.

“You already told him!”

“He could tell.  He can always tell.  I was nervous, I needed advice!”

“So you do remember being awkward!” I joked.  Jeff dried his legs and I just stared.

“It would have been so much worse Tor, you have no idea.”

I was dripping on the floor.  It was past ten o’clock and Jeff was officially late, he’d probably have hell to pay.  That only made me think of his with more muscles, sore ones that needed my hands to help loosen them up.  And Jeff could always play through the pain.  So I moved right up to his chest, tossed the towel away and pressed my body to his.

“New homework.  You can tell Eric - but come back from practice with something you can teach me.”

This isn't quite the end, don't worry. And to the anon commenter who left me a story idea - I have about fifty waiting to go, so I can't promise but I'll try!


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